The Corona Virus got really real for me yesterday when I went to Walgreens to get some hand sanitizer. I got to the aisle - sold out. Which honestly didn't surprise me. It scared me, but didn't shock me.

So I went to Jewel Osco. I got to the aisle - sold out. That's when I realized people are really panicking, myself included. But of course, Amazon, DUH!


This -

Credit Amazon

Costs this -

Credit Amazon

WHAT? I was shocked. This is insane. So what now? Well, you can try and make it.

Here's the recipe according to Forbes -

The ratio is roughly two-thirds cup of rubbing alcohol and one-third cup aloe vera gel, but many of the gels are already made with 60 percent alcohol solutions in them, so I’d start with less than two-thirds of a cup of alcohol in my mix, especially if you have a common 91 or 99 percent ratio that you have purchased.

However, those items are selling out fast as well.

However, you can still WASH YOUR HANDS!

Nothing beats the OG soap and water, just make sure you wash them long enough.

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