We may be more than a year away from the official opening of Costco in Loves Park, but my excitement about the new store is mounting.

Shockingly enough, I have never been to a Costco before, but all my Mom friends are constantly raving about it. The words I often hear are, "It's like Sam's, only better"...and..."It's the Target of bulk-buying stores".

For years I have been tagging along with my Mom when I need to make a Sam's Club run, and I only just recently signed up for my own membership. For this reason, and because I am cheap, I am not too stoked about laying down the $60 plus bucks for a Costco membership when it opens...I sure do want to check it out though.

So, I either convince my Mom to buy a Costco membership, find a friend to tag along with, or simply buy a gift card to get me inside.

That's right, I said "buy a gift card", or as Costco calls them; a "Costco Cash Card".

According to Today.com;

Costco's gift card, known as the Costco Cash Card, is a free ticket into the store (cue happy dance). Once purchased by a member, it can be used in stores by non-members without a problem.

WHAT?!?! Are you excited as I am right now?

So, where's the catch?

There is one....kinda. Costco told Today;

Members have to purchase the card (that's where the help of a friend comes in) and non-members will have to go to the store to spend it. Unfortunately, non-members will have a 5 percent surcharge if they shop online using the card — but sometimes the savings may still be worth it.

So I guess I still need to talk my Mom into getting a Costco membership....or stop being so cheap to get my hardcore Costco shop on.

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