The pressures of being a teenager in 2021 is at an all new level. When I was a teenager there was always cliques, people spreading rumors, bullying (did we REALLY know what was going on) and simply the pressures of "fitting in."

In 2021, take all of those things and give every teenager the chance to play writer, blogger, videographer, spokesperson, and influencer...on social media. For every "did you see Billy, he got fat over the summer," there is now a platform where that can be broadcasted, printed, and animated all over the web to stay FOREVER...So yes, the pressures of being a teen NOW, is pretty crazy.

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There is an organization in Rockford, "Marshmallow's Hope" that puts its focus on teenagers and helping them with anxiety, depression, and being a teen:

"We are a Non-profit organization focusing on the future leaders of America. Our Children, teens, and young adults. Aiding in breaking the stigma that surrounds mental illness and focusing on suicide prevention and awareness. Our Mission is to be the voice for those who feel that they don't have one. Children, teens, and young adults living with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, suicidal ideations, and victims of child abuse."

- Marshmallow's Hope

There is an event going on this Saturday, at Don Carter Lanes to benefit "Marshmallow's Hope." It's a two part event for everyone to attend and help out this amazing organization...

Screw City 815 Jeep Event

2pm - ?

Bring your Jeep to Don Carter and mingle with other Jeep fans! Food, DJ, 50/50, best Jeep contest, raffles....There's a $10 donation to Jeep it.

Cornhole Tournament 


Two person teams

$20 Entry

1st Place Receives $300!

Register you team at MARSHMALLOW'S

With the incredible work this Rockford organization does for our local teens, swinging by for a beer and kicking down a few bucks sounds like a great idea.


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