Brrr... is it cold this week.

I know I shouldn't be surprised by winter weather, it happens every year, but it seems like each year it gets colder and I hate it more than before.

I feel like I can never get warm.

However, with some of these hot products I may never be cold again.If you are, or you know some one who is, that ever cold person, you just might want to check into some these products designed just for us delicate creatures.

- The Toasty Mug: A mug designed with pockets on the sides to slide your hands into to get warm.

- The Towel Warmer: Looks almost like a hamper, except you place you towels in there to get all toasty. No more shower freeze grabbing for your towel.

- Heated Lotion Dispenser: No more rubbing on ice cold lotion. Oh. I like this. I'm a lotion addict. I have to have my lotion on.

- The Heated Shawl: Great for work best part you plug in it into your computer's USB port. I need this for work.

The Heated Mouse: great to keeping your hand warm as you click away at work or at home. Again, I need this for work.

Those are just few of the great ideas for that forever cold person. Click here to see the complete list of Hot Products for that Cold Person.

You know, with Christmas just around the corner these would be great gifts to warm that special person up and I'm pretty sure they would be grateful for them. Heck I know I would.