People are still talking about those strange loud booms heard in Rockford over the weekend. Now we know what they sounded like.

As reported here, many people awoke to the sound of several loud booms early Sunday morning.  Around 2:00 a.m. early Sunday morning social media was filled with people around the Stateline asking “what’s that noise?” Many described the noise as a crazy loud ‘boom.’ Many people reported that houses and windows shook, as a result.

Rockford is not the only part of the country to hear these odd noises.  Some people have reported the sound like"a propane tank just exploding."

The loud booms have been reported for a few weeks all around the world. Amy Phelps had a camera set in her house and caught one of the mysterious booms on video (and audio).


Many people in the Rockford area described a very similar sound. For those of you who heard it, did it sound like this?

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