After Chicago Cubs Ace Jake Arrieta threw his no hitter, the LA Dodgers did something very special for him. Probably very expensive too.


After the LA Dodgers closed down the park the night Sunday night, August 30, the grounds crew ripped out the rubber from the mound along with some dirt from the mound and sent it to Chicago to Jake Arrieta.

Stephan Dunn, Getty Images

According to, Jake Arrieta weighed the package and it was almost 60 pounds sent in the mail. Probably pricey to send in the mail.

Obviously, a no hitter is special, but to have the actual rubber and dirt from the mound is a special souvenir for the Cubs starter. Jack Arrieta was touched and offered up a tip of his cap to the Dodgers.

Stephan Dunn, Getty Images

Way to keep the game classy. Well played Dodgers, well played.