Sorry not sorry, Instagram is the best social media app. And now the app is like so much better.

I mean, where else can you share your photos and filter them to perfection? You can add to your story and ask questions, run a poll and now you can even create a quiz right in your story.

Yes, as of yesterday, April 23, Instagram has allowed all of us to run a quiz in our story, which is super fun if you want to get to know your friends... or your DJ friends a little bit better.

You have until tonight to play the 97ZOK IG quiz, how well do you know Steve Shannon, Producer MJ, Sweet Lenny and I?

I'll give you a hint, despite the fact that MJ and I both love coffee, we are not in love with hazelnut nut coffee.

Follow us on IG duh, then click here and play right now!

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