So it's warming up a bit and most of the road ice is beginning to melt. But with the good comes the bad, we're talking pothole city. The roads around Rockford right now look like a warzone. potholes here, potholes there, potholes everywhere. I just about lost a tire this morning taking my daughter Lily to school on Spring Creek. It's a given that this happens every year due to harsh winter weather and freezing temps. The city road crews will definitely have their hands full this year.

It's a lot of fun driving around town right now trying to duck and dodge potholes, they are absolutely everywhere. All hope is not lost, if you run across a pothole that's really bad or that needs immediate attention there is two ways to report it. You can call the CIP Division at 779-348-7176, or you can click here. Crews are on the road working now but they don't know where every pothole is, so if you've seen one that needs attention just give them a call. Just be careful on the roads out there, If you see someone driving straight beware, they are probably drunk.

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