Rockford resident Jenna Stahl was shot in a random attack in Rockford a few years ago. She started driving again however her van was never reliable.

Stahl has been confined to a wheelchair since suffering an injury in 2008 that left her paralyzed from the chest down. She was shot by an unknown assailant at a Labor Day picnic with friends.

She commutes three days a week to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater from Rockford, Illinois.

She has very limited use of her arms and hands and is unable to use her legs.

She needs a new van to replace her old 2003 minivan that has already cost her thousands of dollars to maintain and repair in the last year.

Jenna's friends say she is one of the most inspiring people who never never complains about her disability. She sees the good in life everyday. She strives to be independent.

But, she needs help. A GOFUNDME campaign is has been set up so that funds can be raised to allow Jenna to be better able to commute to college.

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