I came across some news this morning that made my mouth water, my stomach growl, and instantly had my feet itching to run to my car and head to Wisconsin. What is this amazing you news you ask? One word...Chocoladilla.

I may not be able to pronounce Taco Bell's latest dessert creation without getting tongue tied, but who cares. Just look at this deliciousness...

Taco Bell
Taco Bell


Yes, my friends, that is chocolate and pieces of Kit Kat candy melted, grilled and wrapped inside a tortilla. Be still, my heart. I'm a sucker for anything involving Kit Kats, but I can't help but wonder if the tortilla messes with the Kit Kat game a little?

Taco Bell's Chocoladilla is not available nationwide yet, but it is being tested right now in WISCONSIN! Seriously. According to Mashable.com;

A representative for Taco Bell confirmed to Mashable that it's been testing the product in Wisconsin since Oct. 5 and will continue to offer it through through mid-November.

OMG. Is this available right now in Beloit? Janesville? Let us know. I'm also thinking Mommy will have to test out a homemade version of this while "sampling" all the Halloween candy my daughters get next week.


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