Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake, Wisconsin is often called one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States, and there are several reasons it has earned that infamous title.

Haunted Cemeteries

To me, every cemetery is creepy. I know they are supposed to be a place of peace, but that is definitely not how I feel when I'm at one. Just knowing that bodies and ashes are buried in the ground beneath me completely weirds me out, even when I'm there visiting a loved one who has passed. That being said, I am also completely fascinated by the stories old cemeteries can tell if you look hard enough.

If you ever go on a search for fascinating old and/or haunted cemeteries in the United States you will find several articles about Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Why? Because it's really old, and many people say, REALLY haunted.

The Spirits of Dartford Cemetery

According to wisconsinfrights.com;

The legend of Dartford Cemetery centers around a mysterious old crypt with a crack in the roof. Visitors have claimed to be pushed off the roof by spirits when sitting on the crypt.

That sounds pretty creepy, right? Wait, there's more.

Many people claim that Dartford Cemetery is haunted by the ghost of the last Winnebago Indian Chief named Chief Highknocker as well. Legend says Chief Highnocker drowned to death on August 12, 1911, after accepting a drunken dare to swim across the Fox River without a canoe. Highnocker was originally buried along the river, but then his son moved his body to Dartford Cemetery sometime in the 1930s so he could be near "the lake he loved so much". People often report seeing an Indian Chief in full headdress roaming the cemetery at night.

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