October is here so here comes the ghost sightings, strange lights, voices from beyond, and places that will make you pee yourself.

For our look at "Haunted Illinois" let's get some higher education in scary, from Rockford University. This campus has three separate locations that are filled with creepy, and make no sense.

Alton Haunting Tours via Facebook

Let's start this tour at a place called Adam's Arch. This was part of the original campus and late at night you can hear a woman laughing. It's not your Uber driver watching you stumble back to your dorm, this is a woman's laughter...for no reason.


Secondly we go to Clarks Art Center - This one has multiple levels of "what the hell."  The man that originally designed this part of campus is said to haunt it. Lights flicker, and you will hear a piano playing. A piano starts playing? Explain that one, people!


Finally there is McGaw Hall - You will hear the sound of a woman singing, and a man's voice as well. Could we put this one together with the piano playing? Also,  object will move on their own.


If you are don't know where this campus is located, its at 5050 E State Street in Rockford. I'm sure a guided tour could happen, as I would not advise just snooping around the campus on your own dressed like Ghostbusters.



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