Every year around New Year's Eve, I look back and remember all the loved ones we have lost in the outgoing year. It's never easy. This year, I lost my hero, my Dad. If you lost someone near and dear to you this year, I am sorry for your loss. You know all too well of the void in your life I am talking about. Here is a list of other people we will always miss.

2014 saw the passings of many famous people in art, film, music and activism.

According to WGN TV, here are a few of those who passed away in 2014.

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Robin Williams, actor/comedian

Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor

Ray Leonard, WGN Radio legend

Lauren Bacall, actress

Harold Ramis, writer/actor/director

James Garner, actor

Mickey Rooney, actor

Ruby Dee, actress/activist

Casey Kasem, radio host

Pete Seeger, singer/writer/activist

Mike Nichols, director/writer

Elaine Stritch, actress

Shirley Temple Black, actress/ambassador

Meschach Taylor, actor

Sid Caesar, actor

Ann B. Davis, actress

Elizabeth Pena, actress

Larry Schreiner, WGN Radio reporter

Marcia Strassman, actress

Molly Glynn, actress

Bernie Yvon, actor

Ken Weatherwax, actor

Frankie Knuckles, DJ

Jan Hooks, actress

Russell Johnson, actor

Bob Hoskins, actor

Eli Wallach, actor

Maya Angelou, poet/writer/activist

Joe Cocker, musician

David Brenner, comedian

John Pinette, comedian

Richard “Jaws” Kiel, actor

Paul Revere, musician

Ralph Waite, actor

Juanita Moore, actress

Don Pardo, announcer

Richard Attenborough, actor/director

Joan Rivers, comedienne


Gone but not forgotten. Here's to a bright, better and healthy new year for us all.