Today is not only Sibling Day, but it's also Golfer's Day. Let's kill two birds with one stone and celebrate both. Call your siblings, and get everyone signed up to Par-Tee for St. Jude Kids on June 20th.

NiseriN, ThinkStock

Let's see, you've got golfing, drinks, food, and plenty of fun, all while helping out St. Jude kids. You gotta be there! It's the Par-Tee for St. Jude golf outing at Fairways Golf Course in Rochelle on Friday, June 20th. (Get it? Par-Tee. I came up with that. Hee hee. Yes, this is me tooting my own horn)

Registration is now open, so for more info and to get signed up, go here.

You will certainly be down in the "rough" if you miss this chance to "drive" the "green" for St. Jude kids. (OK, I know that was a pretty lame attempt. I guess I used up all my good creative juice on "Par-tee.")

One more thing for you golfers. Have you got your 2014 golf card yet? Get a round of golf at 5 different courses for just $69! (It's a $119 value) Buy yours now! Can you say awesome Father's Day gift?