Any day that gives you an excuse to eat a ton of Mexican food is just fine by me!

Nikolay Trubnikov, ThinkStock

Confession time: I am a very picky eater. (So is my husband) I hate ketchup, tomatoes, onions, seafood, the list goes on and on. Although, if there is ever a time I get a little adventurous, it's with Mexican food. Just minus tomatoes and onions of course.

So on my hunt for more recipes of Mexican deliciousness, I came across this. Fajitas, tacos, and burritos, oh my! There's even drink and dessert recipes. Talk about your one stop shop for a complete cinco de mayo celebration. My mouth is watering already.

I am saving all of those recipes, but I think we will go with an old standby favorite for tonight, because it is my husband's favorite. It's super easy too. Add some shredded lettuce and sour cream on top, and dig in.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Let me know what you think. Happy Cinco de Mayo!