The 'no fun allowed' attitude of DeKalb Schools may soon be a thing of the past, if one DeKalb resident gets her way.

You recall a story we brought you back in 2016 on a rule passed by the DeKalb School board (D428) that banned holiday themed parties and celebrations. No more Christmas, no more Halloween, and no more Easter celebrations were allowed for children who attend schools in DeKalb.

Many viewed the ban as political correctness gone haywire. many parents were upset that their children could not enjoy the same holiday celebrations they had when they attended grammar and high school as a kid.

The DeKalb School board policy on holiday parties currently states:

As DeKalb CUSD 428 continues to work to create and cultivate educational environments that reflect the core tenets of social justice, we believe holiday celebrations belong to families. DeKalb CUSD 428 will continue to have school celebrations that serve the function of marking the passage of the year and connect children, staff, and families. This reflects DeKalb CUSD 428’s on-going efforts to nurture a climate of dignity and respect for our students and their families.

On Tuesday night, the DeKalb School board, will 'revisit' the policy, as part of the school board meeting. The possible change of heart stems from a  petition circulated by DeKalb parent Shirley Lassiter who collected over 400 signatures that she presented to the school board at a meeting this past July, asking the board to reinstate the celebrations.

She cited the fact her children came home very upset after Valentines and Halloween. Her children asked:

 Why didn’t they have their boxes of Valentines? Who took the party away?

It is unclear if the school board will change it's ways and allow parties in the future, but it's hard to ignore over 400 parents who want to bring back the fun.

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