The CMAs, ACMs or the Grammys ... which awards show gets it right? With the Grammy Awards coming on Sunday (Jan. 26), --- and immediate controversy about country music’s winners sure to follow -- there is bound to be debate about who is most qualified to dish out the honors. Is it the fans, the industry, music critics or some combination of all three? Chris Young says “Yes.”

The ‘Who I Am With You’ singer tells Taste of Country he appreciates the differences between major awards shows, and doesn’t favor one over the other. “I like that there’s different combinations of that for different awards shows because all the awards shows are different,” he said.

“If you look at something like the Grammys, it’s all-genre, it’s more the critical acclaim side," he continued. "There’s been people that have won Grammys before that didn’t sell a lot of records; it’s just for the most part them trying to get down to the base of what they think critically acclaimed music is.”

The CMAs and ACMS have the Entertainer of the Year category, which Young says should go to someone with great commercial success, even if critics aren’t unanimous with their approval. “When you have an award called Entertainer of the Year, it’s not going to be somebody that sold 20,000 copies of a record,” Brad Paisley’s winter tour partner said. “So it’s interesting to look at all the different dynamics of awards shows, and I like all of them.”

Young adds he feels fortunate to have been nominated for CMA, ACM and Grammy Awards. He didn’t say that he holds one higher than another. Even fan-voted awards and categories deserve full respect, and his fans have regularly stepped up to fight for him. His video for 'Aw Naw' currently leads voting in the Video of the Year category for the 2014 ToC Awards. Check out all nominees by clicking the button below.