Recently in the news there have been many reports about "One-Call" or "One-Ring" phone scams.

Here's how it works: a "scammer" will dial your cell phone and hang up after the first ring, in hopes that you will call the "Missed Call" back. When you do you are immediately connected to an outfit overseas and they begin charging your phone  absorbent fees.

First Rule, never call back a number you do not know. If it's important that person will leave a message.

Secondly, if you would like to block numbers from your phone or are curious if the call you missed is a scam, I found and downloaded a free app for my phone called Mr. Number.

With this app you can block calls, texts, do reverse look-ups on phone numbers and not only can you report scams through it but you can read others reports of scam numbers.

It's better to be safe than sorry. If your Cell phone provider doesn't offer a service like this, I would suggest downloading "Mr. Number" or another app that's similar.

Click on Mr. Number for details about this app.