If you have soon to be high school graduates in the house you might want them to take a look at applying to this Illinois University where they can go to college for free.

Yes, I said free.

No this isn't a joke.

The University of Illinois Chicago is offering a free ride to college students "under a new program seeking to keep the state's top students at home." (NBC Chicago)

Starting for the 2019 - 2020 school year, the "Chancellor's Fellows Program will be funded with UIC's share of $25 million set aside by the state for merit scholarships at the state's public universities" to cover the offer of free college.

If those who applied qualify they "won't have to pay the base tuition and fees of $13,664 charged in state students. Room and board at the university range from about $10,295 and up."

This program was created to "stem the tide a little bit" so that U of I doesn't see the decline in enrollment which several Illinois colleges and universities have seen lately.

The university is being proactive so that they don't find themselves in a bind later on. I get it.

In reality, this is a godsend for the student that pay their own way for college or even lessen the burden on their parents. I would have loved to go to school for free.







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