Attention Girl Scout cookie fans: Your Short Breads and Peanut Butter Patties might take a little longer to get into your belly than you originally expected. Here's why we have to wait.

The culprit for a slight delay on deliveries to a small percentage of customers is the ever-so-popular Thin Mints, which are back ordered this season. No word yet if the Rock River Valley Council of Girl Scouts will be affected by the delays.

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Little Brownie Bakers, the Kellogg-owned company that makes and manufactures Girl Scout cookies, are behind in producing the minty, chocolate-coated cookie, which has been in high demand since it made its debut in 1940.

Because of Thin Mint production shortages, Little Brownie Bakers has rescheduled deliveries of all cookie varieties to the affected troops from March 16 to March 21.

"During our busiest point in the season, our bakers make about 9 million Thin Mints," Girl Scouts USA told ABC News.

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The organization, which began in 1912, reportedly sells around 200 million boxes of cookies each season. About 25 percent of boxes ordered are the popular Thin Mints.

A reminder that The Girl Scouts will be on hand at Q98.5's Kidabaloo Event Saturday, February 28th with cookies, crafts, and cool items too. Plus if you want to sign up your daughter to be a Girl Scout, they can help you there too.