Growing up in Northern Illinois one of my fondest summer memories was getting outside on a hot summer day and finding some way to get wet at home. For me, that usually involved the water hose, either attached to the water wiggle (you do remember that, don't you) or the infamous Slip and Slide.

Phil Walter / Getty Images

Do you recall hooking up backyard hose to that rubber sheet? You would get a running start, and Whooooossshhh! There you go sliding! Of course, I would always end up with a bruise or two, but c'mon, it made us strong!

Now, we get word that a company is taking that "Slip and Slide" concept to a whole new level. Imagine a 1000 foot Slip and Slide in the middle of a major street for everyone to enjoy! According to the Calgary Herald this slide measures 300 Meters (about 100 feet). The event is called SLIDE THE CITY

While Rockford is not presently on the posted list of appearances, the giant Slip and Slide will make an appearance in the Quad Cities and Chicago at dates to be determined. An appearance in Madison, WI is also listed.

We need to get this in the Rockford area, what street and town would you suggest?