We all know why we go to the state fair. It's not for the musical guests, the rides, or the games. Nope, we go for the food and it will not disappoint at this year's Illinois State Fair.

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Over 100 food vendors will be at this year's fair, and the fair is looking for more vendors. So to say there will be plenty to choose from is an understatement. You will have your traditional pork on a stick and corn dogs, but new and yummy food items are coming this year.

WGN News reported that this year's fair will be bigger than ever. Vendors will cater to all like dairy-free ice cream, if you're watching your weight there will be vendors for you and if you want a salad yup there will be a stand for you.

That apple slushie with ice cream sounds amazing, I have to admit I've never been to a state fair, so I really will have to take some time and see what the fair is all about, The Illinois State Fair will take place on August 11 to August 21.

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