Illinois newly elected governor may start his term by enacting a gasoline tax hike.

According to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois Governor-elect JB Pritizker may team up with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to push forward an new transportation funding bill that would benefit Chicago's CTA and Metra services. The bill would be paid for with taxes on gasoline.

Reporter Fran Spielman says:

Topping Emanuel’s legislative wish-list is a transportation funding bill, possibly bankrolled by an increase in the gasoline tax, that’s needed to pay for a backlog of capital projects at the CTA and Metra

The new additional gas tax would be on top of taxes and fees that are already in place. Currently Illinois residents pay:

  • A federal motor fuel (excise) tax of 18.4 cents
  • State underground storage and environmental fees of a little over 1 cent
  • 19 cent Illinois state motor fuel tax
  • 6.25 percent state sales tax

Cook County and Chicago Residents also pay:

  • 5 cent Chicago motor fuel tax
  • 6 cent Cook County motor fuel tax
  • 6.25 percent state sales tax
  • 1.25 percent Chicago sales tax
  • 1.75 percent Cook County sales tax
  • 1.00 percent Regional Transportation Authority sales tax

In addition, many municipalities also institute a local sales tax on top of the taxes  listed above .

No word on how much of a rate increase is being proposed at this time. The Sun-times says that Emanuel hopes to accomplish this by the time he leaves office in May.


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