Game of Thrones gave us whiplash with all the reunions and returns of this past Sunday’s “Eastwatch,” though at least a few character moments felt shortchanged. As Jerome Flynn now tells us, producers scrapped what was clearly the most important reunion of all.

You’re warned of full spoilers for this past Sunday’s “Eastwatch” from here on out, but lost in the tense (albeit brief) reunion between Tyrion Lannister and his brother Jaime was that Bronn served as intermediary to bring the two face-to-face. Tyrion obviously had more pressing matters, to visit King’s Landing and arrange a meeting with Jaime at all, but we missed out on almost any interaction with former best-buds Tyrion and Bronn.

As Flynn tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Eastwatch” was originally to include a longer meeting between Tyrion and Bronn, though any future character asides between the pair will have to wait:

Originally, I heard there was going to be one. They decided not to go for it. There’s something, I hope, that’s still to come, where Bronn and Tyrion might have a little bit of time for an exchange together, and shoot the breeze, as it were. Hopefully there will be some old Bronn and Tyrion dynamics coming up again.

Tyrion looked pretty busy tending to Daenerys in photos from this coming Sunday’s “Beyond The Wall,” but there’s every chance Tyrion and Bronn get their moment if Jon Snow succeeds in bringing a wight to King’s Landing. The two haven’t seen one another since their awkward jail cell goodbye in Season 4, but just missed one another in Season 7’s “Spoils of War” battle.

Here’s hoping the pair get to hug it out again (and really, Bronn should just own his all-around Lannister love). Watch the trailer for “Beyond The Wall” below and stay tuned.

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