If you have a love of cash, it won't cost you anything to visit the Chicago Fed's Money Museum.

Playing Tourist In Chicago

I grew up in the suburbs so my family would make trips to City all the time. We liked playing tourist and visiting all the popular attractions including Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Field Museum to name just a couple. I still enjoy it to this day. Now, I try to discover more under-the-radar type places that I didn't know about. I just found a new one to add to my must-see list.

Unique Under-The-Radar Free Museum In Chicago

One reason I think this place is great without even checking out in person yet is that it has free admission. That's very rare in the Windy City. Ironically, it's the cash museum in Illinois, otherwise known as Chicago Fed's Money Museum. It's located inside the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (230 South LaSalle Street).

According to onlyinyourstate.com,

This museum aims to educate visitors about American currency and its history.


There are also exhibits about the history of money in the United States.


You'll learn so much that you didn't know before.


What You'll Experience When Visiting The Chicago Fed's Money Museum

There are all kinds of interesting displays and interactive exhibits including...

  • $1 million in $20 bills.
  • $1 million in $1 bills.
  • $50,000 in change.
  • Out of print money.
  • Your face on a dollar bill.
  • Take home a bag of shredded money.
  • Military currency from 3 different wars.
  • Rare forms of cash.
  • Learn how to detect counterfeit bills.
  • Souvenir photo with $1 million.
  • How to properly care for money.

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