Now a days there are so many options when it comes to grocery shopping. You can go to the store, walk up and down the aisle, fill your cart, and usually get stuck checking yourself out because theirs nobody at the registers anymore. You could order online, drive to the store, and just pick it up. Or, the fastest growing trend in groceries is ordering them online and having them delivered to your house... If only they's put 'em away too huh?

Amazon has been trying to solidify their market share in the grocery delivery business and a new announcement may just help them. According to WIFR, Amazon will be offering free grocery deliveries to it's Prime members. However, that only applies to the ones who have currently been using it, the rest have to request an invitation to use the service for free and there's no word on when they will be accepting more customers.

I will say as someone who uses the pick up method, it is nice to be able to just order everything online, drive to the store and have them load it up. It has definitely cut back on some costs from impulse purchases at the store and I feel like we make healthier choices when it comes to grocery shopping doing it that way. Funny how we make healthier choices when sitting in pj's in front of the T.V. I've never used the home delivery option but I wouldn't oppose it either as long as they make the delivery while I'm home and food isn't just sitting on my front porch.

What method of grocery shopping do you do? Go to the store, pick up, or delivery? Let me know in the comments.

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