If you like to fish, but don't do it enough to actually spend money on a fishing license, here's some info you'll need to know.

My parents have a lake house in Wisconsin, so we spend many of our summer weekends lounging and drinking either on, in or next to the water.

The one thing we don't usually do at the cottage is fish. Not because we hate fishing, but because we don't do it enough to feel like we would get our money's worth if we bought a fishing license.

If you get the urge to drop a bobber in the water, but don't want to fork over the cash for a license and consider breaking the law for a day of fun instead, don't! There are certain days you can fish without a license in both Illinois and Wisconsin, and you won't even get busted!

Takemefishing.org has a complete list of each state's free fishing days for Summer 2018, and here a few you may want to jot down:

  • Illinois: Father's Day weekend, June 16 & 17
  • Wisconsin: June 2 and 3
  • Michigan: June 9 and 10
  • Iowa: June 1-3
  • Minnesota: Resident Moms fish free May 12-13, and residents 16 and older fish free with children under 16  June 8-10 .

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