These stories are the worst, not only because of the offense, but because of the offender. A man who took an oath to uphold law and order betraying everything we thought he stood for. It is something that hurts not only it's community but it's protectors.

Cops have a hard enough time as it is. Now, the trust a community once had in it's officers slowly starts to erode. Ya, not all cops are bad, but that's hard to believe when you see stories like this.

Larry Woods of Beloit, and a former Beloit Police Officer, has been charged with sexual assault of a minor according to WIFR.

"The allegations against a former officer are abhorrent and tarnish the badge that so many men and women are proud to wear," said Police Chief David B. Zibolski. "Woods' actions with this child betray the community that he swore to protect. We appreciate the community's support as we further investigate Woods' actions," according to WREX.

This is one of the worst things a cop could do to its own community. This is one of the worst things anybody could do to their community. I person who would do harm to a child isn't a person at all. They're a monster.

WREX is reporting that, "Woods is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in Rock County Circuit Court."






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