Even though were half way through July there's still time to get away this summer.

If you're a little low on cash flying might seem impossible. Not so. There are several days coming up soon where you can fly for cheap.

I don't know about you but I prefer flying over driving when taking a trip.  If I can save some extra dollars while doing it I'm all for it. Aren't you?

I came across this list of days on ABC7  of when to purchase cheap airline tickets. Wow! Finding this is more than helpful it's a godsend.

Fares will become much cheaper for domestic flights on both August 21st and 22nd. The reasoning for this is that "this is the start of the bargain fall season for the airline industry as kids return to school and demand for travel drops."

If you book late in August you can save between 11% to 20% over taking flights earlier in the summer between June, July and early August.

Also, according to ABC7the cheapest days to travel on domestic flights are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Wow! That's good to know.

So who's ready to take a quick vacation? I know I am. I have friends in Chattanooga that have been all but begging me to get my butt back down there to see them and you know this just very well be my ticket to do so.

Oh the places we can go now that we're armed with some good travel advice.

See ya on the tarmac!

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