It's that time again. The end of Daylight Savings.

Yep, at 2:00 AM Sunday morning we gain an extra hour.

Here are five ways to deal with the end of daylight savings.According to this Fox News article, falling back that one hour is actually good for us and there are a few ways to deal with.

1. On November 1st don't change your normal routine. Go to bed at your usual time.

2. Use the extra hour as a way to check in on your sleep habits. Leave your alarm set at the normal time. If you get up when it goes off you needed that hour. Your body was sleep deprived.

3. After the time change maximize your sun exposure. Make sure to get out in the sunlight as much as possible.

4. Boost your indoor light to mimic sunlight.

5. Get your kids on the program. Start a week out getting them used to the time change. Maybe you already have as it's been getting dark at 6:30 lately.

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