Birthday wish, meet death wish.

Two men in New Britain, Conn. got into an argument over a birthday cake that ended with one of them killing the other.

You know when they say you should pick your battles? This was probably one of those times.

Carlos Gonzalez-Oliver, 41, is being held on $1 million bond for his role in the death of the unidentified victim. He has confessed to killing the man.

So, what exactly happened? Gonzalez-Oliver says he returned to the boarding house where he was staying last week with a birthday cake for another tenant when another tenant, who he accused of drinking, began harassing him. "The victim banged on his door with an ax, destroyed the birthday cake and threw some of it at the door," reports the Hartford Courant.

And things only got more violent from there. Gonzalez-Oliver says he wound up stabbing the man after the victim tried to attack him with the ax in the kitchen. Then, he called his nephew to take him away from the scene before cops eventually found him.

While Gonzalez-Oliver tried to sell the story about the ax, other reports specify there was no such weapon involved and that the victim was not going after Gonzalez-Oliver at the time of the stabbing.

There's also the little matter of Gonzalez-Oliver having 20 criminal conviction over the last 21 years. For his next birthday, perhaps he should wish for a darned good lawyer.

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