Need a relaxing getaway?

Sometimes just getting out of town for the night can do wonders for your morale and motivation. You don't have to go far. You don't have to plan a full weekend. You can just pack a small bag and stay someplace where someone else does all the cooking and cleaning for you.

Sounds good doesn't it?

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If a night away is exactly what the doctor ordered, you should check out Cherry Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast in Woodstock, IL. Not only is this B&B a quaint and beautiful place to stay, but it has some very famous roots of their rooms is where Bill Murray's character stayed in the 'Groundhog Day' movie!
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The Magnolia Room is where Bill Murray's Groundhog Day character stayed. Enjoy the same view as he did in the movie. Don't worry, your day won't repeat itself over and over again, although you may wish it did after spending one night in this luxurious room.

Cherry Tree Inn B&B's website promises; "Enjoy luxury and attention to the finest details without the usual expectation of other B&Bs. No rigid schedules, stuffiness or hovering. Your comfort and desire for a relaxing getaway are our priority".

Besides a beautiful and historic atmosphere to relax in, Cherry Tree Inn serves food made by award-winning chefs, featuring all locally-sourced meats, eggs and produce, and you will awake to the delicious smell of freshly made baked goods.

Book Your Stay At Cherry Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast

You ready to book your stay now? Better hurry, because rooms are still available for June, July and August, but will no doubt fill up fast. Click here now to book your getaway at Cherry Tree Inn B&B in Woodstock this summer, especially if you want to stay in Bill Murray's Groundhog Day room, a.k.a., The Magnolia Room.

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