In honor of a special anniversary for one of the 80's biggest movies, you get a chance to re-live in on the big screen.

Fast Times At Ridgemont Hight

We all knew someone like that was like one of the teens from Ridgemont High. It's possible you were even an exact replica of a character from one of most iconic movies of the 80's. Did you know it's celebrating a big milestone?

It's crazy to think Fast Times At Ridgemont High coming out 35 years ago, but it's true. Although Wiki says the film's actual theater release date was August 13, 1982, there will be a one-day-only chance to watch the iconic movie at Showplace Rockford 16 on August 2, 2017.

Pull a Spicoli and play hooky from work to see the 2 pm or be a good employee and catch the 7 pm showing at Showplace Rockford 16. Tickets are $12.50 for all ages, but remember it's rated R.


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