Update: The Winnebago County Coroner has confirmed the body found in a car in the Rock River on Sunday is that of Emily (Dull) Anderson.


Although the female remains found in a car in the Rock River have not officially been identified as Emily (Dull) Anderson, it seems as though the family has begun to accept the tragic reality. Emily's sister, Caitlin shared a thank-you note on Facebook, as well as a request from the family about Emily's legacy.

In the note, Caitlin thanked the community for all efforts made in the return of her sister, Emily Dull, who went missing on June 19, 2017.

We wouldn't have been able to get this far without this community coming together to bring my sister home.

Emily's family is also asking that, from this moment forward, Emily is referred to by her maiden name - Emily Dull. 'Anderson' was Emily's legal last name from an estranged marriage. The Dull family name is very important to the family.

Our last name is our honor, our pride, and our strength. We take pride in our last name- as my family members are some of the strongest people I know.

Even though Emily has been found (unofficially) the family strongly believes there is more to the story than what is apparent and they will continue to look for answers. Their hope is that if anyone who might know something about the early morning of June 19th will step forward.

Emilly Dull's family and friends have planned a celebration of life - click here more information.

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