Facebook wants to be part of everything you do every day, so of course they want to find you a date!

But is this really the best way?

Yesterday Facebook announced a 'secret crush' feature that's debuting overseas allowing you to make a list of your Facebook friends that you have a secret crush on.

If you and your friend both put each other on the list, you will be notified. If you never match up, you won't know who listed you or vice versa.

Facebook expects you to have nine crushes by the way. Which is a pretty lofty amount of your Facebook friends you want to date.

So many weird things in my mind about this... is it stalker-y? Will people just start friending people to use this crush thing? Why does it need to be on Facebook? Can't you just hang out with the person and date like they did in the old days?

What about people jokingly adding people to the list, teasing, bullying, sure you're supposed to be 18 to have Facebook, but we all know you don't have to send in your birth certificate.

Or the opposite. Now you will be so focused on waiting to find out if your crushes match you will literally NEVER leave Facebook.

Vox thinks the whole thing is kind of weird too... we're expecting to get the secret crush feature by the end of the year. I'll test it out for you then.

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