You never know who is going to support the decriminalization of marijuana and in this case, you might be surprised to find out it's an ex-Navy Seal.

When I picture someone who supports legalizing pot, I think of a "hippie" type person. Someone who is a free spirit and against rules.

When I saw this story, I found it very interesting.

According to,

"A former Navy SEAL from the Chicago area is leading the push to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level in an effort to give war-ravaged service members access to pot-based treatments through the Veterans Health Administration.

Nick Etten breaks that stereotype. The graduate of the Naval Academy believes that cannabis can really help veterans in their healing process.

He has started an organization called Veterans Cannabis Project.

Their website explains the issue.

"America’s prolonged military conflicts over the past 17 years have exposed an aging and ineffective health care system, ill-prepared for the type and severity of the latest round of war-related injuries. Veterans are often placated with “cocktails” of prescription drugs, including powerful and addictive opiates. The current arrangement is not meeting veterans’ healthcare needs."

They believe marijuana is a solution.

"Medical cannabis is a proven, safe and common-sense personal health management option, free of the devastating side effects of opiate-based drugs. Medicinal cannabis is an incredibly effective tool for veterans challenged with managing the symptoms of their wounds."

It's not just a bunch of stoners eating a box of cookies. This is very logical reasoning.

The other thing about Etten is that he is pushing for legalizing weed on the Federal level. That would put everyone in the same situation, no matter where they lived.

It will be interesting how this will all play out.


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