Don't make promises you can't keep Target.

Seriously I made plans to go to Target at 8:30 in the morning on my birthday... which was a Saturday morning, to score some of the cute Hunter for Target gear.

It was almost a plus that it was raining Saturday, because it made it a little more exciting to shop for rain boots, shoes, jackets and ponchos.

Until the morning arrived and we were all left with Hunter disappointment.

The first problem? The trademark tall Hunter boots were not available on April 14. They were, to quote Target, 'delayed..'

I'm sorry, what? You've been promoting this line for like three months and the quintessential item was not available in any size or any color the day the line launched in stores or online?

You'd think that was the biggest issue. But you'd be wrong.

Apparently this line was only going to be available at select stores. Another detail that had been omitted from the Hunter for Target pre-launch promotion.

I was at my parents' house in Schaumburg at 7:45 realizing that the Woodfield store would not have the line. The Woodfield Target, arguably one of the busiest stores in Illinois didn't carry the brand, and when I called the store to confirm, the manager said it was online only.

She, of course, was incorrect, because the other Schaumburg store did have the line... but when I got there at 8:45 a.m., they were already out of everything cute in an adult medium.

I wasn't the only upset person. The fifteen minutes I spent checking every size in the store, I also heard multiple customers express their unhappiness with the Hunter situation.

Enter Twitter complaints.

Some shoppers even said that the boots were physically at the stores but were not allowed to be purchased.

I was on my way to a Cubs game in the freezing rain, so I needed to buy something, so I grabbed the only rain boots and raincoat I could find in my size and called it a day.

When I was at the Target on State Street Sunday night, I didn't see anything Hunter at all.

Will I still shop at Target? Yes. Will I allow myself to get excited for anything new they're launching? Probably not.

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