Eric Church fans literally hacked his website in search of information about his upcoming album, Heart & Soul.

Thankfully, he doesn't mind.

Per the Tennessean, days before Church revealed the news about his seventh studio album(s), fans flooded his website in an attempt to find a script for his Outsiders radio show on SiriusXM and a sneak peek at his new single. Instead, they found plans for his upcoming album Heart & Soul and began to spread the news across social media.

Surprisingly enough, Church was actually pleased that his loyal fans were the first to know about the three-part project.

"We ended up getting hacked, which is pretty awesome when you think about it," the superstar says. "They ended up breaking the news, which is hilarious to me. It was one of those weird deals. But I love the passion."

Church poured his heart and soul into the triple project over the course of 28 days, retreating to the mountains in his native state of North Carolina at the beginning of 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic led to mass shutdowns. Heart & Soul features 24 songs and will be released in three parts throughout April 2021: Heart (nine songs) on April 16, (six songs) on April 20 and concluding on April 23 with Soul (nine songs).  

Fans can look forward to hearing a hefty dose of previously-released tracks, including current single "Hell of a View," previous single "Stick That in Your Country Song," newly shared "Heart on Fire," fan tribute "Through My Ray-Bans" and many more, along with several new songs like "People Break," "Bunch of Nothing" and "Lynyrd Skynyrd Jones" among them.

Church has been picked to perform the National Anthem with Jazmine Sullivan at the 2021 Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

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