Seems like this popular fast food restaurant is having some anger issue problems.

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Residents Of Illinois Have Some Anger Issues

I understand we've experienced some crazy times over the last couple of years and it's really starting to freak people out. At the drop of the hat, they turn into the Hulk and lose their s**t. Fights are breaking out in the most unusual places.

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I can see a fast food restaurant being a very volatile environment. The customers want in and out quickly. The workers are slammed and stressed. It's like a volcano ready to explode. In the past, for the most part, people were pretty civilized to each other. Not anymore. Maybe, they are just all hangry.

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Brawls Breaking Out At Illinois Portillo's

A few days ago, I was talking about a fight between two female customers at Portillo's in Elmhurst, Illinois, By the way, it is a really nice suburb. For a refresher about that incident, HERE. Maybe, they were arguing about putting ketchup on a hot dog.


Another Fight Breaks Out At Illinois Portillo's

The cops had to be called again to the Portillo's in Elmhurst, Illinois. It was another fight. This time it was between four co-workers.

According to,

The fight started between the four employees who apparently already had issues with each other. The incident began as yelling but then turned into a fistfight. The brawl had to be broken up several times by other workers.

Witnesses said the problem started when one of the youths was asked for salads over the intercom.


That worker became upset because she had no salads and responded aggressively to the requester, police said.



Could you imagine being there for dinner and then the employees start fighting? That would be crazy.

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