Eli Young Band are all about the love in 2022. The band have announced that a new album, Love Talking, will arrive June 3.

The nine-song project shares its name with a single EYB released in January. Two versions — one fully produced, and one acoustic — of "Love Talking" bookend album.

“We really wanted to find the positivity in what we got out of the last two years, so that was one of the main goals for this album,” lead singer Mike Eli says. “There was a lot of unknown that was written into some of the music we created during that time, but we all lived it so deeply; we wanted to offer something uplifting with our music.”

Over the course of the last two years, Eli wrote more than 150 songs. His words are all over the album, as he co-wrote seven of the project's songs. Of the few songs he didn't have a hand in is "Break Up in a Bar," which fans will get immediately when they pre-order the album. With a captivating melody and its unusual twist on a breakup song, the band knew they had to record it.

“Right away, you could just hear the melody in the song from the top and know, ‘okay, this is a special one.’ And the spin – it’s one of those songs lyrically you just wish you would have thought of,” Eli reveals. “We know that that’s always the first rule – if you hear something that you wish you would have thought of it’s worth that second listen. We just started playing it in our live show, and it’s funny to see the audience because they want to know it so bad ... That’s a good sign.”

Eli Young Band have plenty of chances to play the song for their audiences this year. They are currently on the Love Talking Tour, which will run through Aug. 26.

Eli Young Band's Love Talking Album Tracklist:

1. "Love Talking" (Mike Eli, Eric Arjes, Jeffrey East)
2. "Lucky for Me" (Mike Eli, Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz)
3. "Break Up in a Bar" (Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps)
4. "Love Ain't" (Ross Copperman, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally)
5. "Chances Are" (Mike Eli, Eric Arjes, Jordan Minton)
6. "Live With It" (Mike Eli, Josh Osborne, Daniel Ross)
7. "Tell Me It Is" (Mike Eli, Jon Nite, Jimmy Robbins)
8. "A Good Thing" (Mike Eli, Eric Arjes, Jeffery East)
9. "Love Talking" (Acoustic) (Mike Eli, Eric Arjes, Jeffrey East)

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