Over the weekend I had some free time and I decided to take a drive. I was on a mission to find houses which go above and beyond for Christmas. I unfortunately have some work to do to my house before I can go crazy with decorations, but I needed to get my fix. I asked some friends about the best areas or houses to go see lights. The one the was consistently recommended was the Larsen Light Show in Elburn. Someone even sent a video, but I didn't want to watch it until I saw the house.

Saturday night I took a drive to Elburn to see it in person and it DID NOT disappoint! It's the house Christmas dreams are made of. Also the house electric bills see in their nightmares but that's neither here nor there. If you need help getting into the Christmas spirit, it's worth the near hour drive.

I also drove through areas of Rockford and found some great displays by fellow residents! Some houses by Sinnissippi Golf Course have definitely done an amazing job this year as well.

Where's the best neighborhood for Christmas displays? Do you have a go-to area you check out every year?

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