If dyeing Easter eggs is on your agenda, here's some tips to make your eggs way cooler than the rest, and less messy too!

Yes, I love to get crafty and create things, but I super hate dyeing Easter eggs. It's messy, it smells, and I don't like it. The last time I dyed Easter eggs was probably 10 years ago when I dyed some and then mailed them to my BFF in South Carolina. Yes, I mailed her real hard boiled eggs. Was it mean? Sure, but it was so darn funny! My friend thought so too. (After she was done gagging from the smell)

Anyway, a few days ago my husband informed me we will be dyeing eggs this year. I immediately refused and began to whine, and then he pulled the "do it for your daughter card." I guess I will be dyeing eggs. So, if I have to do it, I'm gonna do it awesome and as easy as possible.

No egg can be awesome without awesome color, and these directions from the McCormick website will accomplish that feat. (Added bonus for me; my husband hates the color turquoise. I love it, so all of my eggs will now be turquoise. How's that for payback? Tee Hee)




The McCormick website also has other great creative egg dyeing tips, and you can check them all out here.

Now, for tackling the mess of the dyeing process and preparing your eggs for coloring. This is the part I really hate, but help is right here.

Finally, a trick for easy egg peeling from Q98.5's Susan Tyler in case you missed it. I hate this part too, so she rocks for giving us this info!



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