Growing up my parents used to always drive my sister and I around to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations people would hang up. The one neighborhood in Loves Park was always the best. I'll never forget this one house that had a giant animatronic Santa's Workshop set up in their yard. My sister and I looked forward to that house every year. Ironically, I now live less than a block away from that house.

My neighborhood is great and goes all out in the decorating department. Houses all over decorate big for both Halloween and Christmas. My one neighbor had her stuff set up the day after Thanksgiving. Here's her handy work. 

Steph - TSM Rockford

No pressure on making sure your house looks good, right? But it's like that all over the neighborhood, seems like every house has Christmas lights on it. Some go further than others.

That brings me to the dueling Griswolds. Every year for both Halloween and Christmas these two house go ALL out!! I do mean all out too! And they are right across the street from one another, so I'm sure they try to out do the other every year too. Located in the 6100 block of Elm Ave. in Loves Park are these two homes. One of the homes goes so far as to set their lights to music, even posting a sign with the station they have it synced with. That's the house seen below:

And then here's their neighbor's house:

If you do get the chance, you should drive by and admire their hard work, it really is pretty cool.


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