The holidays can be hard for a lot of people, but especially for teachers. Trying to get kids to focus when Christmas is so close is hard, to say the least. But showing up to class drunk? Not the best solution.

According to KCRG, a gym teacher at Jefferson Middle School in Dubuque was allegedly drunk on the job Monday afternoon. Official documents say that 38-year-old Erin Ellerbach had a blood alcohol content of .224 Monday afternoon during a breath test. (That's nearly three times the legal limit).

School officials who responded to the calls said she smelled of alcohol, was slurring her speech, and had red, watery eyes. They later found an open 16 oz. can of Mike's Harder Strawberry in her office, along with two other unopened cans of Mike's Harder drinks.

Ellerbach was promptly arrested and charged with public intoxication. According to KCRG, she is no longer employed by the district.

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