I know when I don't drink enough water. I get awful leg cramps or cramps in my toes.

Typically during the week I'm pretty good at averaging about 4 to 6 glasses of water, but when it comes to the weekend I'm terrible at drinking water. It's not that I'm drinking other things, it's just that I don't drink anything.

If you're like me getting into the habit of drinking more water can be a little daunting. I know if I set that high goal of 10 glasses everyday I'm going to be peeing every 10 minutes.

Minq.com offers 10 helpful and easy tips to drinking more water.Here's a few I thought were interesting:

- Drink from a straw. You'll drink more plus seeing the water disappear encourages you to get more.

- Eat more spicy foods. You'll certainly reach for more water to cool your mouth down.

- Eat more water based fruits and veggies: celery, cucumbers, melons.

- Down load water drinking apps to your phone:

Water Logged for I-Phones

Water-Your-Body for Androids.

- Always keep a bottle of water with you.

Here's the link for more helpful tips.