Is Tinder really the place to go to find love in Rockford? Read this and the answer will be clear.

Lil Zim and I have been stuck on this Craigslist Missed Connection about a Rockford woman, raising questions about online dating in Rockford. Although Tinder isn't technically dating we still want to know if anyone has found love through the app.

We're both married and clueless about the app, so I decided to do some research about Tinder's "success rate" in Rockford. I'm so glad I did - and I'm glad I'm not in today's dating world. I found five reasons to avoid using Tinder in Rockford.

Reasons To Say 'No' To Tinder

  1. This story WREX shared about a billboard linking STD's to Tinder. Umm, no thanks.
  2. Rockford Register Star pointed out a stat from Tinder claiming "80% of users are looking for long term relationships" and then found a stat dropping the number to around 10%. (Well there's that.)
  3. This lonesome soul's screen-cap of his Tinder search results. #allalone
  4. This Rockford radio personality's Tinder match creepy stalker. (But he's a poet.)
  5. This U of I student that was searching for someone with good kidneys and a clean liver. (Wait, what?)

If those aren't enough reasons to steer single people around Rockford away from Tinder, I don't know what is. I've also just been informed that Tinder is a "hook-up" app and not the place for real romance. There's your sixth reason.

If you were lucky enough to find real lasting love on Tinder I would love to hear and share your story.

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