Dog owners in Moline need to make sure they're being responsible and cleaning up their furchild's poops.

My QC apartment is getting to the problem point again. I guess every dog owner in the building decided in unison to quit cleaning up their dogs' poops and they now line the parking lot, the surroundings, all of it. It's gross. And it's illegal.

I've seen a bunch of apartment buildings and complexes that warn of eviction if you don't clean up your animal's daily dumps and I've heard of one QC apartment complex that will actually DNA test them to figure out what pup in the complex it belongs to.


It takes maybe 15 seconds after your pup does it's business to bend down and scoop it up with the poop bag. I get that there are mornings you are totally out of both time and patience and that it's absolutely disgusting so you want to avoid those 15 seconds, but if you do, you could be paying a lot of money for it. Remember businesses and homes have cameras so they can see when you do.


As we've discussed, you could pay anywhere from $250-$750 in Davenport for failing to clean up your dog's crap. It looks gross, obviously, but it's also a health hazard because, again, it's literally called waste.


But what about dog parents on the other side of the river? According to Moline code, if your dog goes number two in any of these places:

  • public thoroughfares
  • sidewalks
  • passageways
  • bypaths
  • play areas
  • parks
  • public places
  • private property without owner's permission

...then you have to clean it up. Why? Basically, the city says it's stinky, looks gross, and can attract flies and rodents. Once you get a notice that you're in trouble for not cleaning this up, in Moline you have 24 hours to fix that and go clean it up.

If you don't comply with the notice, you could be coughing up anywhere from $100-$750. I don't know about you but I'm not paying that for my dog's poop.

You can get details on what the city of Moline says about animal waste control on their website.

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