Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman was caught on camera dancing in sneakers, denim overalls and no shirt. He may have even used a broom as a stripper pole.

Daughter Lyssa Chapman caught her father, Dog, doing some chores and busting a move.

"For all those saying I'm an embarrassment to my family by dancing," she begins, "you should know I have been dancing and embarrassing them (my parents and kids) since forever anddd .. for the record I was raised by a topless dancing man."

The proof is in the video. The 67-year-old reality television star can be seen swinging around on a broom, acting as if he's working for tips. He is shirtless, after all, yet somehow we think the clientele he attracts is a bit different from most work who do this kind of work.

Of course Chapman is used to lighting up in front of cameras as the star of several reality television shows, most recently Dog's Most Wanted on TBS. Since last fall he's been a man without a show, but that doesn't mean he has kept a low profile. Chapman continued to mourn his late wife Beth Chapman very publicly, doing many interviews for print, online and television outlets. Most recently he's been happily in love with Francie Frane, whom he plans to marry soon.

Lyssa Chapman is Duane Chapman's 33-year-old daughter. The entrepreneur lives in Hawaii with her family and shares often to social media. Her Instagram page is a particularly good spot for unexpected Duane and Beth Chapman memories following the 51-year-old Beth's death from cancer in 2019.

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