As the town of Rockton continues to grow, do you think the town needs a hotel?

The village board thinks so, and according to WIFR they are considering building a hotel in their downtown area.

Right now the idea is undergoing a "feasibility study... [which] will help village leaders estimate the demand for a hotel, how well the business would do financially as well as give recommendations for the scope and size of the project."

Mayor Dale Adams believes that the hotel "could help Rockton's growing wedding market and allow other businesses to bring in out of town employees, vendors and guests."

Considering there is the wedding venue of the Copperstone Inn at Orchard Ridge in Rockton having a hotel downtown would be helpful to keep your out of town guests close to the venue. As the inn itself only has so much space to accommodate wedding parties.

I think it would be a great idea, otherwise your guest will have to travel a distance by staying in hotels in either Loves Park or Beloit and then travel in to the venue.

Also, having a hotel could bring more guests and fun events to the town as there is a place to stay  and those visiting can enjoy the quaint shops and atmosphere that Rockton has to offer.

What do you think?



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