I want you to just picture this for a second...you're on vacation with friends, wanting to see the sights, revel in the atmosphere of the city, drink, have fun, relax.

Now I want you to picture yourself doing all of the above in your swimsuit, on a bus, in a tub, in public, cruising down the packed streets of Nashville.

You think I've lost my mind, don't you? Either that, or you think this sounds like the best idea for vacation relaxing ever. If you're part of the latter group, you will love the Music City Party Tub being offered now in Nashville.

Because I cannot do the explanation of what exactly this Music City Party Tub is justice, how's about I just show you this video and let you decide for yourself...



The Music City Party Tub can hold up to 14 people and rates start at $400 for a one hour and 45 minute ride. Book your cruise now at musiccitypartytub.com.

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